Player Registration Form

One time only
Humans do it
may take a day to process


This page is for the Cairns City location only. Refer to the
MAIN page for details on booking for Smithfield venue.

Please enter all your details in order to register. To make a booking please go to the booking page and follow the prompts there.
On successul submission you will be taken to the Covid-19 Rules of Play page - so if you end up there..please read it.. your registration has been submitted.

It may take a day for you to get a confirmation email upon which you will be able to make bookings using your Club ID.
Please read this email carefully there are a few ways to pay and have a game and some are significantly cheaper than others.
The CHEAPEST way is to book online and pay at least $40 at a time by EFT as this way you will get and extra 15% bonus $ on your payment - any excess stays in your account for next time.

EFT bank details will be included in the email. Please you MUST use your Club ID as a reference so we can identify who the payment is from.
I have read and understand the Cairns Badminton Club “Covid-19 Rules of Play” and the club “COVID-19 Safe Plan” and agree to abide by these documents and the rules therein.